What is Concrete Grooving?


Concrete grooving is the process of creating patterned grooves along concrete surfaces. Grooving is usually performed on bridge decks, airport runways, parking desks, and other paved surfaces in order to accommodate high-speed traffic.

Grooving concrete grooving drastically improves skid resistance, contributing to the overall safety of both roads and runways. In inclement weather, the grooving allows for the displacement of water between the concrete surface and the vehicles’ tire tread. This improves water drainage, reduces the risk of hydroplaning, and increases vehicle control under adverse weather conditions.

Bridge Decks and Runway Grooving

Hydroplaning on any road can be disastrous. Hydroplaning on a bridge can combine the dangers of a high-speed crash with the added peril of a dangerous drop. Grooving bridge surfaces is essential to improve traction and avert hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning on runways can be equally as dangerous, particularly to aircraft touching down at high speeds. The FAA has concluded that transverse grooving significantly reduces all types of skids, resulting in shorter breaking distances even on wet concrete. Grooved runways also shed water faster, reducing the risks associated with harsh weather.

A-Core’s Concrete Grooving Advantage

A-core’s highly skilled and well-equipped teams have successfully completed concrete grooving and grinding projects in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming.

In Nevada, we completed the grooving and grinding on the Hoover Dam Bypass, a nearly 2,000-foot long bridge spanning the Black Canyon, nearly 900 feet above the Colorado River.

In Utah, we were contracted by Provo River Construction (PRC) to carry out all the concrete grinding and concrete grooving for the massive -15 CORE Project, which added two lanes in each direction to 24 critical miles of traffic-heavy highway and paved 2.8 million square yards. The Department of Transportation has dubbed it “the fastest billion-dollar highway project in U.S. history.”

A-Core tackles every project, however complex or simple, with our signature experience and technical ability in order to deliver outstanding results. For extensive projects like grooving and grinding concrete, we adhere to three principles:

Improve the ride. A-Core is driven to restore and enhance ride quality, extending the lifetime of surfaces and providing a smooth, quiet ride for all drivers.

Improve safety. We make certain that all surfaces meet federally mandated performance ratings and standards.

Meet and exceed project expectations. Our experience, skill, and cutting-edge equipment place us a step above the rest. We meet and exceed your project expectations by deadline and within budget.

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