What is Concrete Drilling Services?


Concrete drilling, or core drilling, is the process of drilling precise holes in concrete floors or walls, or in any other paved surfaces or structures.

For most concrete-cutting companies, concrete drilling is a basic service, usually in high demand and requiring specialized diamond-tipped cutting tools to complete. Once concrete is laid and allowed to set, there are various reasons to then remove round sections from it. The most common reason is for utility penetration, or in other words, drilling into concrete to accommodate needs like wiring, plumbing, and phone lines.

Concrete Drilling Solutions

The reason concrete drilling is in such high demand is because it provides ready solutions for many common construction problems, such as:

  • Runway and taxiway lighting
  • Nuclear decommissioning
  • HVAC piping and ductwork
  • Man holes
  • Dowel drilling
  • Culverts
  • Testing services

Additionally, concrete core drilling is often performed because it is more precise and efficient than other solution out there. When it comes to using concrete drills, a skilled concrete drilling service can do so:

  • In areas with very limited space
  • Without compromising the structural integrity of the concrete surface and its adjacent areas
  • Through any hard surface
  • To any depth

A-Core Concrete Drilling Capabilities

A-Core offers the nation’s most formidable concrete drill service. Boasting the largest supply of diamond-core bits in the United States, our drilling equipment is both maneuverable and adaptable to meet the demands of any complex drilling projects.

We tackle any construction challenge, no matter the size or scope. For drilling concrete or asphalt pavement, we can cut a hole as small as 3/4” or as wide as 73” in diameter, and can reach depths of up to 60’ or greater.

A-Core is also skilled in cutting concrete, sawing concrete, and grinding concrete. For any challenge, we have the right tool. A-Core comes equipped with many types of drill, including hydraulic, electric, and hycycle, and can be mobilized to anywhere across the United States within 25 hours. And after nearly four decades of experience, our highly skilled professionals are up to any task and have a proven track record of success across several U.S. states and in every avenue of the construction industry.

A-Core Transportation Drilling Services

A-Core has participated in numerous transportation projects where concrete drilling was fundamental to the project’s success. An excellent example of this took place when a bridge was constructed for a freeway overpass for Utah’s 4500 South I-15 exit. The bridge was completed off-site and then placed in the core-drilled holes. A-Core’s role was instrumental for the success of this drilling project.

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