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Idaho Falls, ID

A-Core of Idaho Falls

4452 North Haroldsen Drive Idaho Falls, ID 83401

Cody Rodgers

Branch Manager

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Cody Rodgers

Branch Manager

Specialized Services

A-Core crews and equipment can be commonly found on general construction sites across the Western United states thanks to the company's wide range of capabilities and expertise.

Concrete Pouring

A-Core can pour concrete to meet any need of a job.

Laser Screeding

Our advanced laser screeding technology allows us to level our concrete in a efficient yet successful manner.

Concrete Cutting

Concrete cutting is our speciality, any size or shape we will complete whatever task we may face.


A-Core's demolition team can complete the rigorous job of removing materials from a construction site.

GPR Concrete Scanning

Using a Ground Penetrating Radar, out highly skilled professionals can locate structure within concrete before any concrete cutting, drilling or coring.

Grinding & Grooving

Highly skilled professionals and technologically sound concrete grooving and grinding machines deliver results on bridge decks, airport runways, parking decks, and other slab applications.

Joint Sawing & Sealing

Sawing and sealing of expansion joints in asphalt and concrete is done quickly and precisely. Our state-of-the-art equipment uses non-abrasive polyureas, pre-formed neoprene, and urethanes to seal and repair joints and cracks in concrete surfaces.

Residential Services

Have a residential project that is too large to handle? We can conquer and type of residential projects.

Slab Panel Replacement

Slab Panel repair or replacement, A-Core can complete your demands. Our experienced team can efficiently solve any Slab Panel need at an affordable price and a timely yet professional manner.

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