Training Program

Our Cutting Edge Operator Training Program is unlike anything else that the industry has to offer. Together with some of our top vendors, we host an all inclusive week long training event for a select group of our operators throughout the entire company.


The schedule for our training program is broken down into three key components; Classroom Education, Field Education, and Evening Events. Our operators that attend this training get an extremely in depth education about the equipment from the manufactures themselves. Along with the vendors, we also have our corporate safety team there to teach alongside them and ensure that all A-Core safety practices are being demonstrated and followed.


2022 will be our 4th annual Cutting Edge Operator Training, take a look at the highlights from the 3 previous years.

Schedule Breakdown



During the classroom education, our operators are taught the ins and outs of what we do; whether it is diamond blades, cutting equipment, or silica, we cover it all! By having an opportunity for them to learn in a controlled setting, it allows them ask questions, and truly understand the details before they move on to the hands-on, field training.



Each operator is given the opportunity to have hands on training guided by the vendors for that specific equipment. Everyone is broken into small groups and the groups rotate through the different vendor stations, allowing them to experience a variety of equipment and processes. We design each station like a job site that the operators could expect to be on, to prepare them for real world experiences in a more controlled environment. As a team, they complete the assigned job from start to finish and have the vendors right there to offer support and assistance.


Evening Events

The evening events throughout the training are an incredible experience that is sponsored by each of our vendors that attend. This gives the operators the opportunity to engage with their peers, vendors, and corporate team in a casual and fun environment at the end of each training day.

Stay tuned for details about the 2022 Cutting Edge Operator Training Program…