Concrete Demolition Company

What are qualities of a concrete demolition company? Concrete demolition companies  specialize in tearing down concrete buildings and other structures.

Heavy demolition services can present a tricky set of challenges for anyone. Besides the overriding factors of cost and time, there are other issues to consider that inevitably complicate the project: jobsite safety, rubble removal, dust, vibration, the threat to surrounding buildings, hostile or remote environments and the environmental impact.

All in all, demolition can be costly, unpredictable, and dangerous. By necessity, the task calls for a company with the resources, experience, and flexibility to get the job done. That’s why A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists is the preferred choice for complex heavy demolition. We pride ourselves on possessing the right combination of equipment, savvy, and trained technicians to handle any demolition project in a safe, professional manner.

Cost-Effective Demolition Solutions: Your A-Core Advantage

At A-Core, our priority is providing you with the cost-effective solutions you need. Since our start, over forty years ago, we determined the elements that lead to a successful and safe completion to any project. Our goal is always to complete our demolition jobs below budget, well before the deadline, all while operating under the toughest safety regulations available. We treat our crews and your property with equal care.

The three areas we have found that make the most difference are:

Superior Equipment

Nothing determines the speed with which a project is completed than a business’s equipment. A-Core uses only the best, and we keep ahead of the competition thanks to our superior array of equipment. That way, we can offer the service that contractors and owners can only dream of. If you’re looking for speed, silence, vibration-free and dust-free work, A-Core has solutions for you.

Knowledgeable Technicians

Despite our range of mechanical resources, the best equipment is only as effective as the hands that direct it. Our crews of knowledgeable technicians are trained to work despite any setbacks, to expect the unexpected and to steadily respond to difficulties. In the past, our accomplished teams have achieved success despite adverse weather conditions and arduous circumstances.

Commitment to Safety

Demolition of concrete requires a constant eye on safety. That’s why our demolition team evaluates every facet of your project and decides how to prevent workplace hazards and also how best to protect our team and our partners.

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