Why Choose Wire Sawing?


Wire sawing utilizes a metal wire or cable for cutting. The wire or cable is usually impregnated with diamonds, particularly wire saws intended to cut through tough materials like concrete or solid steel.

Because of their toughness and versatility, wire saws are ideal applications for projects involving materials that are too large, too thick, or too hard for conventional cutting methods. They are also useful in tight areas that are difficult to access, or for difficult locations such as submerged structures like piers or dams.

A-Core has formidable concrete-sawing experience. Our wire-saw team has been contracted to work on a wide range of difficult projects, from giving the Utah State Capitol Building a seismic upgrade to cutting off large concrete masses from underwater piers at Hebgan Lake in Idaho. With our combination of high-tech equipment and peerless experience, we have the solutions to your concrete wire-sawing needs.

Sawing Wire Cuts through Just About Anything

Wire saws have the reputation for slicing through almost any material. This includes concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, brick, granite, and stone. Many industry experts claim that the application of wire sawing is limited only by one’s imagination. Wire saws enable A-Core to complete difficult jobs in record time and with less hassle than other controlled demolition services. Wire sawing doesn’t produce dust, eliminates vibrations, and doesn’t compromise surrounding structures.

Wire saws also have a reputation for performing admirably in tight spaces or when dealing with hard-to-reach areas.

Wire Saws Can Reach Almost Anywhere

Often, demolition projects take place in forsaken, hostile, and remote locations. But at A-Core, we understand that challenges are part of any concrete wire sawing job, and we welcome them. Thankfully, through the use of multiple pulleys, we can employ wire saws to cut through materials of any thickness from nearly any angle.

In the past, we’ve deployed our wire saws in several underwater regions, including cutting off concrete from underwater piers on the Hebgan Lake Dam. For that project, we had to operate from a floating barge and team up with support divers to safely perform the job. We wire sawed several vertical and horizontal cuts through an underwater retaining wall, completing the project in eight days.

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