Kimberly Water Treatment Plant | Kimberly, Idaho

Twin Falls, ID

Kimberly Water Treatment Plant

A-Core of Twin Falls was commissioned to demolish this 50′ diameter redwood water tank, that consisted of hundreds of 2″ x 6″ redwood planks that were 22′ long. This tank was built in 1976. The city wanted to preserve all of the redwood from the water tank so they later can auction it off, so A-Core demolition crews were required to use the utmost care so that each redwood plank was not damaged. The Kimberly of Idaho water treatment demolition project included various demolition services. Our innovative team had to use precise measurements and controls to ensure that the water tank parts were preserved. In the first two days crews extracted the roof, the third day mainly consisted of preparing the trusses for the controlled fall, and then the project was completed with track hoes and dump trucks by the fifth day. The Project Manager noted, “This project was especially challenging due to the requirement to preserve as much redwood as possible.”