Egress Windows: What are They and Do You Need Them?

What is an egress window? Why do I need an egress window? Egress with ease.

Egress windows are windows large enough for exit or entry in case of an emergency. They are typically required when finishing a basement and are paired with egress window wells that have either steps or a ladder to make the escape easier. Basement egress windows must comply with the local residential code.

There’s a safety code for egress basement windows for a reason. It’s to ensure that  anyone living in the basement area can escape   safely in the event of a fire or flood. That’s why egress window installation must be done with complete accuracy and compliance.

An egress window well is required where the window opening sill height is below ground elevation. Ladders are even required in egress basement window wells deeper than 44 inches and they must be permanently attached.

The Advantages of Having Egress Windows

Now that the question, “What is an egress window?” has been answered, it’s time to move on to the advantages of having a basement egress window. The following bullet points outline the positive aspects of installing egress windows:

They increase the value of your home (by increasing the overall livable square footage)

They provide proper escape plans and routes

They provide additional comfort by improving the lighting

They improve the look of your home, depending on your choice of materials

Even the egress window cost is a reasonable amount. What you pay ultimately depends on the materials you choose for the well and if you need a permanent ladder or steps attached to the well. You can keep the window and the well basic, or you can pay more for a refined, upscale finish.

A-Core Offers Upscale Egress Window Installation

When it comes to installing egress windows, Utah is the place to look for concrete cutting companies who can do just that. Fortunately, A-Core is one such company. As concrete cutting specialists, we take on tasks that involve anything from renovating highways to cutting curbs. We also happen to be egress window installation experts. We’re contract workers that know how to get the job done right the first time. If you recruit our help for your egress window, you can be assured we will do the following:

Mark gas and water lines.

Dig the window well with cleanliness and professionalism.

Cut the desired window size using advanced wall-sawing techniques.

Remove the concrete foundation.

Install and seal the egress window and the metal window well using advanced solutions.

Back fill around the well and inside it with ¾ inch of rocks.

Don’t stress thinking about how you’re going to find someone who can install egress windows. Idaho residents can even give us a call if they need help with egress window installation. A-Core is here to help you with any of your large or small project needs.