Concrete Demolition

What is concrete demolition? Concrete demolition is the tearing down of concrete buildings and other structures.

As concrete structures age, they can deteriorate and can pose a serious danger to people who live or work around them. Concrete demolition is the process of tearing down concrete buildings and structures. Whether because of foundational concerns or to simply make way for newer structures, concrete demolitions happen all the time. The demolition process can be dangerous, and should only be performed by demolition professionals.




Concrete structures can last for years with proper care and maintenance. But sometimes, they need to be completely demolished. This decision is often either due to the need to make space for newer structures or because there are foundational concerns with the building. Small cracks can be fixed easily, but here are a few situation where a complete demolition is the better option:


  • Deep and wide surface cracks. Large cracks in the surface of a concrete structure can be a sign of serious structural damage that can’t be repaired. Severely cracked concrete structures should be demolished instead of repaired.
  • Foundational concerns. Plant root growth, earthquakes, and natural soil settling can all impact a building’s foundation and make it unsafe to live in.
  • Signs of frost heave. During cold temperatures, moisture in the soil can freeze and make the ground swell upwards. This ground movement can cause significant and irreparable damage to a concrete structure’s foundation.
  • Signs of spalling. Spalling—when the concrete surface starts to severely flake—can happen for a lot of different reasons. Bad weather conditions, corrosion, and extreme rolling pressure from large trucks can cause spalling and hurt the concrete’s structural integrity.





There are several concrete demolition techniques contractors regularly use during the demolition process:


  • Manual. Manual concrete demolition services are usually done on smaller structures like residential homes. Common concrete demolition tools used for these projects are robotic hammers, sledgehammers, and picks.
  • Mechanical. Mechanical demolitions happen on large structures like commercial buildings, apartment complexes, or concrete silos. Excavators, cranes, loaders, and bulldozers are common tools used during mechanical demolitions.
  • Induced collapse. This technique involves the systematic and sequential removal of key structural elements to create a controlled collapse. It is dangerous to use this technique on a structure in tight quarters, so it’s often done only on isolated structures.
  • Building implosion. This technique is exactly what it sounds like: using high-powered explosives like nitroglycerine, TNT, and C4 to collapse a building. Preparation for the implosion and the post-implosion cleanup often takes much longer than the implosion itself.


Concrete is a sturdy, heavy material that can seriously injure someone if not demolished properly. It’s important to have a solid understanding of each of these demolition techniques before trying to do them yourself. That’s why it’s best to hire a concrete demolition company for your upcoming demolition project.




Small concrete demolition projects can sometimes be done safely by people with little experience. But for larger demolition projects, having an experienced contractor team is crucial. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should hire a contractor instead of DIY-ing your concrete demolition and removal job:


  • Increased Safety. Concrete demolition specialists know how to accomplish projects in the safest way possible because they’ve been properly trained on safety techniques. They know how to execute each task with precision and accuracy and how to minimize risks and dangers on the job.
  • Industry Expertise. Concrete demolition specialists are experts in their field. Because they know how to safely handle dangerous equipment and have years of experience under their belts, they can get demolition jobs done precisely, efficiently, and safely.
  • Improved Flexibility. Another benefit of hiring concrete demolition contractors is they can work on any size project and around your own schedule. If you’re on a tight timeline, contractors can work according to that timeline so you always make your deadlines.
  • Higher Excellence. Concrete demolition contractors like our team at A-Core strive to achieve excellence on all our projects. They are driven to complete each demolition project with accuracy and deliver exceptional results every time.




A-Core provides concrete demolition services to customers across the United States. If you operate in one of the following areas, we’re happy to work with you on any construction or demolition project you may have:


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A-Core has been a trusted partner in the concrete construction and demolition industry since 1974. We’re confident we can get your concrete removal and demolition project done efficiently, safely, and for a competitive price. Contact our team to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your next demolition project.