Selecting a Concrete Sawing Company

When choosing a concrete sawing company, contractors and homeowners alike have to consider several factors:

1.       Specialized, cutting-edge equipment. Concrete-cutting contractors are only as good as their arsenal of tools and saws.

2.       Experienced crew. The right tools can’t help unless they’re handled by a team that has planned out, and successfully completed, a variety of concrete cutting and sawing projects.

3.       Adaptability. Every concrete-cutting job has an x-factor, some unforeseen complication or challenge that renders the original plan obsolete. Adaptable concrete-sawing contractors are prepared for situations like this, and have likely seen similar instances. They can mobilize the right resources to the right location and still keep the project on track as far as the budget, deadline, and client expectations are concerned.

A-Core: Exemplary Concrete Sawing and Drilling Since 1974

For nearly four decades, A-Core has provided solid concrete-cutting services across the nation, tackling expansive challenges with innovation and expertise. From renovating highways to decontaminating and decommissioning nuclear plants, we never let anything get in the way of finishing a job. With our equipment and experience, we can offer quick, powerful, and cost-effective solutions when it comes to sawing concrete

Concrete Sawing Services

Concrete sawing is a means of refining a freshly-erected concrete structure, i.e., cutting access openings for stairs cases and elevators, for example. Besides this method of “soft” demolition, concrete sawing is also used as a means of controlled “hard” demolition, reducing concrete buildings to blocks that are easy to remove.

Sawing concrete is performed through the use of specialized saws that can cut through metal, steel-reinforced concrete, asphalt and pre-cast concrete. Sawing tends to break down into two categories:

Flat Sawing. This is accomplished with the help of a diamond concrete blade mounted on an electric, hycycle, gas or diesel saw. The blade cuts straight, vertical cuts in concrete floors, concrete slabs and roads.

Wall Sawing. This kind of concrete cutting is used to make precise cuts in any horizontal or vertical surface.  Concrete sawing crews deploy circular diamond blades mounted on a track in order to make vertical or horizontal cuts. Unlike other demolition methods, wall sawing leaves concrete surfaces with a smooth finish so that the cut openings are ready for windows, doors and other conveniences.

Get a Bid from A-Core for Your Next Concrete Drilling Project

Starting in 1974, A-Core is the concrete sawing company that has provided a spectrum of services, including cutting concrete walls and concrete demolition techniques. Our adaptability, technology and dedicated staff allow us to core drill concrete better than any other contractor. We tackle any construction challenge, no matter the industry or region. Contact us to request a bid today.