Grinding and Grooving Concrete Can Smooth Your Roadways

Highways and airports are in constant need of maintenance for safe, quiet travel. At A-Core, we provide grooving and grinding concrete services. We employ quality concrete cutting tools and well-trained teams to get the job done accurately, on-deadline and within budget.

To ensure that the surfaces we’re refinishing meet federally mandated standards, we use a high-speed profiler to validate the quality of our services. Every project we complete has exceeded performance ratings, delivering a smooth, safe riding surface for all travelers.

Restoring Rideability

Over time, roads get worn down and cracked, and potholes appear. Grinding and grooving concrete is a pavement preservation method that operates by grinding down imperfections on the surface of a road, either asphalt or concrete. Rehabilitated roads also shed rain water more quickly, cutting down on the risk of hydroplaning. Once completed, the process restores skid resistance, reduces noise, and provides a safer, smoother ride than before.

Concrete-Cutting Professionals in Every Categories

Founded in 1972, A-Core prides itself on its track record of completed projects, many of them high-profile and heavily demanding. Contractors, project managers and homeowners call upon us to complete the tasks they can’t. With our teams of professionals and our cutting-edge saws and drills, we possess the capacity to tackle projects that are massive in size or that only require an afternoon of hard work. Whether it’s cutting curbs for a driveway or repaving miles of a major freeway without slowing traffic or compromising on safety, A-Core has likely already performed a job similar to the one you need done.

As part of our grinding and grooving service, we provide:


  • Diamond grinding
  • Diamond grooving
  • Bump grinding
  • Rumble strips


Our concrete-cutting experience also extends well beyond grinding and grooving concrete surfaces. A-Core also provides solid solutions with such options as:


  • Core drilling
  • Demolition
  • Joint sawing and sealing
  • Wall sawing
  • Flat sawing
  • Curb cutting


Get a Bid from A-Core for Your Next Grooving and Grinding Concrete Project

A-Core’s range of customizable options makes grooving and grinding concrete look easy. From concrete cutting services to heavy concrete demolition and the demolition of concrete, we’re capable of taking on any construction challenge, no matter how complex or simple the job may be. Call us today for a bid on your next grooving and grinding project.