Concrete Cutting Companies: Construction Miracle Workers

All concrete cutting companies will tell you that pouring the concrete for a new building is just the beginning. Pathways must be cut for cables, ducts and piping. Openings must be widened for doors, windows, elevators, and stairs.
It’s the same for any construction project. In highways, wiring has to be run to street lamps, and on dams flow deflectors are needed. As our technology and construction demands have advanced, so too have our methods for refining and adapting concrete to our complex needs.

Concrete cutting companies are employed to put the finishing touches on construction projects, normally to handle the intricate finishing work. Whether it’s putting up a building or tearing it down, concrete cutting specialists are called upon to perform the impossible, to literally move mountains of concrete or reshape it to accommodate building specifications.

Qualities of a Professional Concrete Cutting Company

Before you contract with a concrete cutting service, check that they have these three critical traits:

Extensive Experience

In concrete cutting, you learn that not every situation can be anticipated. The ability to handle surprise delays or unforeseen conditions is hard-won, usually through long experience in concrete work. Truly expert concrete cutting companies have learned to roll with the punches and find a solution. They will also have a proven track record of delivering optimal results while also providing maximum jobsite safety.

Proper Equipment

A proficient concrete cutting service will utilize a wide range of tools, vehicles, and other equipment to complete a project. From basic hand saws to robotic hammers, a specialist is only as good as the tools he or she has mastered.


Concrete is used in nearly every construction project: highways, mining, buildings, driveways, and nuclear facilities. A quality concrete cutting company will be capable of tackling a challenge in any industry or region, from sawing and sealing joints on an airport runway in New Mexico to demolishing a 230-foot smoke stack in freezing conditions in Idaho.

A-Core Sets the Standard for Concrete Cutting Companies

When it comes to experience, no one has more than A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists. For nearly 40 years we’ve provided solid concrete-construction solutions to contractors and owners. With the largest supply of diamond core drill bits, A-Core doesn’t skimp on equipment. And for any possible construction problem, we’re sure to have the right equipment at our disposal: robotic hammers, skid steers, track hoes, dingos, jackhammers, hydropower, and several other concrete cutting methods.

As for flexibility, we’ve tackled every kind of concrete cutting project imaginable. We’ve decommissioned nuclear power plants, torn down and erected massive retail centers in the middle of a bustling downtown, participated in one of the most ambitious highway repair projects in the country, and repaired or remodeled mines, plants, dams, and piers.

No project is too complex, no project is too simple.

Request a Quote from A-Core, a Leader among Concrete Cutting Companies

From all the available concrete cutting companies, A-Core’s concrete wire sawing‘ is capable of completing any concrete-cutting project. As a leading concrete demolition company, A-Core reduces risk and cost by delivering expert concrete demolition services and solutions. We take on complex construction challenges from every industry and region. Contact us and request a bid today.