Wall Sawing

Similar to flat sawing, wall sawing techniques precisely penetrate steel reinforced concrete, metal, pre-cast concrete, masonry walls, and any other type of material in your way. Wall saws are utilized to make precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces. A-Core commonly uses this controlled demolition method to cut access ways for staircases and elevators, crossovers for mechanical services and cabling, flow deflectors on dams, tanks, towers, and pipes, and to enlarge openings for windows and doors. Contrary to conventional demolition methods, wall sawing leaves surfaces with a smooth finish making openings readily fit for window and door installation. 

Regardless of the angle or strict constraints, our wall saws can penetrate surfaces from 1'' to 37'' thick. All of our locations have numerous types of wall saws on hand to meet diverse needs. Our hydraulic wall saws bring power to saw through the thickest and toughest materials on your job. Alternatively, electric hycycle wall saws cut in the hardest to reach areas. Hycycle wall saw cords have been stretched 27 stories high in order to cut slabs.

Whether a home owner or commercial contractor, we have the solution for you. All of our equipment is carried in totally self-contained service trucks to independently complete your jobs anyplace on any schedule.