Robotic Hammering

Access, Accuracy, Reliability

Are the reasons why robotic hammering techniques are used on virtually every demolition project. Our robotic hammers minimize noise, dust, vibration and most notably safety hazards. The ability to climb stairs, suspend over debris, or maneuver through the tightest spaces prove why this is the chosen technique for A-Core's demolition division. Deploying these machines means performance.

Making Machines Work for You

Our environmental conscious team considers all construction facets that could cause concern - from sensitive areas to remote access. Using robotic hammering, A-Core's demolition division develops strategies to ensure your project is carried out safely and efficiently. Utilizing robotic hammers let us make the machine work for you!

Safety is at the Core

We know jobsite safety is key to any job. So, deploy robotic hammers in strategic areas to overcome worksite dangers and hostile environments. With safety always in mind, our demolition division can access work inside contaminated nuclear plant areas, in extreme conditions of mines and in confined power facilities. 

A-Core is highly experienced in all kinds of demolition projects, from soft demolition to heavy demolition. With superior equipment, commitment to safety, and knowledgeable technicians, A-Core is capable of handling any demolition project.

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