With freezing temperatures and dangerous wildlife, concrete cutting in Montana has always posed a particular challenge, one A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists have overcome time and again. We combined efforts with underwater divers to core-drill a hole with a 42-inch diameter through an underwater wall in the Thompson Falls Dam for a fish ladder bypass. A harrowing mining project on Absarokee Mountain Range required us to transport A-Core equipment and crew up the mountain every day in order to enlarge an opening in a pump house. The Montana concrete-cutting crew cut and removed an opening four feet thick, completing the project in only four days.

At A-Core, we pledge that no matter the scope of the project, whether it's renovating a major highway or cutting openings for a gas main in a residence, we're up to the task. Our range of experience, dedicated teams, and top-notch equipment are ready to mobilize to any corner of the country to tackle any concrete-cutting challenge.

States with harsh climates have a need for specialized concrete cutting, Montana included. We're the leader in concrete cutting Washington and concrete cutting Nevada. For concrete cutting Utah and concrete cutting Oregon we're the preferred choice. Contact us and request a quote today.



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Nationally, A-Core is recognized as one of the premier contractors for concrete cutting, core drilling, diamond wire sawing, and specialized demolition. We value our customer-centric approach which allows for strong relationships across the industry. Contact us today to partnership on your next project. 
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