When faced with complex challenges involving concrete cutting, Boise puts its faith in A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists. One such challenge was the demolition of a 230-foot smoke stack located at the Amalgamated Sugar Plant in Paul, Idaho. Constructed in 1917, the smoke stack had long been central to plant operations, but because of its unstable structure, it was deemed a possible threat to the buildings that had grown up around it. This posed a particular challenge because the massive smokestack had to be removed without damaging the surrounding structures.  A-Core coordinated with the contractor to begin the successful demolition of the smoke stack, braving extreme cold, bad weather conditions, and the deadly height involved in the project.

But A-Core doesn't limit its Boise concrete-cutting to massive, complex projects. Whether it's removing a towering smokestack or remodeling a local Volkswagen dealership, A-Core's only interest is in delighting our customers with our stellar results. We approach every project with care and calculation, assuring a swift, safe, and timely execution of the project.

With the aid of A-Core's top-rated concrete cutting, Boise has overcome construction challenges both great and small. A-Core is the clear-cut industry leader for concrete cutting Montana, and concrete cutting Washington. No one rivals us in concrete cutting California, and concrete cutting Oregon. Contact us and request a quote today.



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Nationally, A-Core is recognized as one of the premier contractors for concrete cutting, core drilling, diamond wire sawing, and specialized demolition. We value our customer-centric approach which allows for strong relationships across the industry. Contact us today to partnership on your next project. 
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