Government & Military

Government Agencies and Military

A-Core's experience as contractors with federal contracts has given us a deep understanding of the demands and complexities that go along with handling the sensitive contracts that are common when dealing with military and government institutions.

We know that each project must meet very specific specifications while staying within a reliable timeline and under budget. A-Core also focuses on providing services that are durable and easily maintained after project completion. A-Core's Federal Division works seamlessly with partners, affiliates, and decision makers at any level to utilize cost effective strategies and ensure successful results.

NASA and AerospaceSimilar to A-Core's work with the military, A-Core also has experience in development and construction on NASA projects. By employing specialized staff and equipment, A-Core is uniquely qualified to meet the demands of specialized NASA projects.


Post Falls Dam Demolition - RMCI - Idaho
The A-Core Demolition Division was contracted by RMCI to demolish parts of the Post Falls South Channel Dam. This allowed for crews to structuraly reconstruct what was an aged dam in order to facilitae a massive hydroelectric project along the Spokane River. A-Core crews worked relentlessly through cold fall months doing a variety of concrete cutting and demolition tasks. Click here to learn more about this project.


ATK Launch Systems - Aliant Techsystems Inc. - Utah
In order to ensure that launch systems at ATK Thiokol perform to standards, proper mechanisms must be in place. Often times these mechanisms need repair. Such was the case that resulted in the need for ATK to commission A-Core Concrete Cutting Inc. A-Core took on the challenge to cut a 28” thick solid steel shaft. This was performed using one of A-Core’s many state-of-the-art wire saws.

Thompson Falls Dam
 - Montana

A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists of Idaho Falls teamed up with industrial underwater divers to perform core drilling and underwater wire sawing services. The A-Core team was contracted to core drill a 42 inch diameter hole through a wall 10 feet underwater for a fish ladder bypass in Thompson Falls Dam. Also, operators used specialized wire sawing methods to cut a 14 foot tall by 4 foot thick barrier wall on the upstream side of the dam.

Hebgan Dam
 Montana - Northwest Underwater Construction 
A-Core Concrete Cutting Specialists was contracted to wire saw 7 vertical cuts and 4 horizontal cuts through an under water retaining wall 3 feet thick. Work was performed from a floating barge. A-Core teamed up with support divers to drill holes for the cable and picking holes. Our crew pulled all of the cuts from on top of the barge. The entire project was completed in 8 days.

Creech Air Force Base
 - Nevada 

A-Core is contracted by the United States Government and Military to perform various services on runways, taxiways, and
buildings at airbases.