Concrete Demolition Services

Driven by Saftey
A-Core only uses cutting edge concrete demolition techniques which maximize productivity and enhances safety. We are mindful of our capabilities and our client's limitations to provide the reassurance of zero lost time.

A-Core Advantage
Successful controlled concrete demolition demands the ability to expect the unexpected and calmly respond to adverse circumstances projects present. Our concrete demolition division understands this - it brings to each job the A-Core Advantage. Crews know what it takes to perform soft and heavy concrete demolition challenges on refineries, power plants, buildings, bridges, highways, airports, air bases, mines, nuclear facilities, and even homes. A-Core is highly experienced in all kinds of concrete demolition projects, from soft demolition to heavy demolition. With superior equipment, a commitment to safety, and knowledgeable technicians,
A-Core is capable of handling demolition projects in a safe and professional manner. Demolition can be dangerous and costly. At A-Core, our priorities are to minimize risks on every demolition project and deliver cost effective solutions. Our demolition team evaluates every aspect of the project to prevent hazards and protect employees and partners.

A-Core Approach
Whether in need of speed, silence, vibration-free work, smooth surfaces, a small footprint, dust-free, limited or remote access, or challenged with a hostile environment, trust the A-Core Approach to respond. Our commercial and industrial demolition services combine robotic hammering with other advanced demolition technologies to ensure that your project sacrifices nothing.

Our environmental conscious team considers all construction facets that could cause concern - from sensitive areas to remote access. A-Core's demolition division develops strategies to ensure your project is carried out safely and efficiently. We overcome these challenges by utilizing robotic hammers, skid steers, dingos, track hoes, hydro power, and various other controlled demolition methods.