Core Drilling

Concrete drilling is one of the basic services that A-Core offers. With the country's largest supply of diamond core drill bits, A-Core is qualified and properly equipped to handle concrete drilling projects of any size. A-Core drills concrete and asphalt holes as small as 3/4” up to 73” in diameter and can reach depths to 60' deep and beyond. A-Core is equipped with electric, hydraulic, and hycycle drills that can be mobilized and put into use within 24 hours anywhere across the United States.

Core drilling provides soultions for:

  • Electrical Services, Piping, and HVAC
  • Runway/Taxiway Lighting
  • Nuclear Decommisioning
  • Man Holes
  • Culverts
  • Testing Surfaces
  • Dowel Drilling
  • Building Construction
  • Architecture

Our drilling equipment is both maneuverable and adaptable to meet the complex demands of different drilling projects. Whether drilling by hand, using a stand, or operating one of our customized drills, all must promote efficiency and quality. Our philosophy of flexibility, technology, and dedicated staff makes A-Core the best choice available for core drilling.