Concrete Cutting

Core Drilling
Concrete drilling is one of the basic services that A-Core offers. With the country's largest supply of diamond core drill bits, A-Core is qualified and properly equipped to handle concrete drilling projects of any size. A-Core can drill concrete holes as small as 3/4” up to 73” in diameter and up to 40' deep.

Our drilling equipment is both maneuverable and adaptable to meet the complex demands of different drilling projects. Whether drilling by hand, using a stand, or operating one of our customized drills all must promote efficiency and quality. 

Flat Sawing
Our investment in cutting edge technology allows us to tailor or services to meet your needs. Our dedicated team operating an array of specialized saws can penetrate steel-reinforced concrete, metal, pre-cast concrete, asphalt and any other type of stone up to 24" thick. Government Agencies, Transportaion Authorities, General Contratcors, Airport Agencies, Nuclear Contractors, and Home Owners depend on A-Core for their flat sawing needs.

Wall Sawing
Wall saws are utilized to make precise cuts in vertical or horizontal surfaces. A-Core commonly uses this controlled demolition method to cut access ways for staircases and elevators, crossovers for mechanical services and cabling, flow deflectors on dams, tanks, towers, and pipes, and to enlarge openings for windows and doors. Contrary to conventional demolition methods, wall sawing leaves surfaces with a smooth finish making openings readily fit for window and door installation.
Regardless of the angle or strict constraints, our wall saws can penetrate surfaces from 1'' to 37'' thick. 

Curb Cutting
To ensure that individuals can move on and off a sidewalk without difficulty curb cuts must be performed. Curb cuts can be created by using specialized machines that cut at precise angles along the curb. The main purpose of these machines is to cut horizontally along curbs to create ramps and driveway approaches. Our curb sawing equipment cuts precise for a smooth finished look. It is the ideal technique for curb or parapet wall removal when roads and bridges require widening or demolition. Curbs saws can cut walls flush to the road surface eliminating the need for curb excavation.